Rebirth Digipack CD Pre-order



On the 14th of May 2022 we will release the long awaited Rebirth EP on CD. No vinyl yet. Maybe someday there will be a vinyl version, but not now. Production times are extremely long (8-10 months!). This is the digipack version with the album artwork by Johan Prenger, known by his great paintings and as former label owner of Reflections Records. The record contains 3 new tracks and 2 re-recorded classic we released on vinyl in 2021.

Tracklist digipack CD

  • War Of The Unsung
  • Wage of Mayhem
  • Provoke Me
  • When Push Comes To Shove (new recordings + new mix)
  • Written in Blood (new recordings + new mix)

Shipping around week 3 of May.