The resurrection of LIES!


LIES! is a metal-tinged hardcore heavyweight from the Netherlands, delivering an aggressive blend of pure hardcore and death/thrash metal.

This band might sound like Slayer throwing down with Hatebreed, but their gritty, high-octane execution hits hard, grooves relentlessly, and grabs you by the throat.

Pummeling guitars, rapid thrashy drums, and aggressive vocals come together to create an energetic, heavy sound rarely heard among European bands. Influences from bands like Terror, All Out War, Merauder, Spiritworld, Sepultura and Slayer are also evident. Lyrically, their razor-sharp songs delve into gripping personal events and socio-political subjects.


Emerged out of the Groningen scene. Founded by the ex-members of hardcore bands Instil, The Hunger and metal bands Expulsion, Murder Manifest and Mon’strum. In 2011 they released a demo (Street Survival Recs) and in 2012 a 12″ vinyl album called “Nineties” (TTL Recs). Their energetic heavy live shows quickly drew attention of both the hardcore and metal community. LIES! played shows and festivals in several countries in Europe. In 2015 Indonesian label Diorama released a split-CD. The same year they put the band on indefinite hiatus.


2022 was the comeback year for LIES! After a 7-year break, LIES! took the world by storm with their comeback EP “Rebirth”. Their album “Mind Pollution” (December 2023) was featured in various year-end lists and propelled them to the forefront of the European scene. 

The album is distributed by Coretex Records (Europe) and Diorama Records (Asia). They played Pitfest Festival, TT-Festival, S.O.S. Festival (DK), Rise Or Die Festival, and numerous international shows. They supported Hatebreed, Sick Of It All, Nasty, Agnostic Front, Wormrot, and many more.

LIES! hardcore band Netherlands 2023


In September 2024  German label Thrash Out Records will release their latest album and comeback EP on vinyl. 

In December 2024 they are invited to join Born From Pain and legendary German band Zero Mentality on their tour.

This band keeps going and never rests. After the festival season, they begin recording a new album set to be released in May 2025.

“The sound of LIES! is straight forward heavy hardcore with a metal edge. If I had to take two records that reflects the sound of LIES! then it would be “One With The Underdogs” by Terror and”For Those Who Were Crucified” by All Out war. The riffs and drums are pounding. Hardcore parts for a good mosh pit and they blend it with some banging thrash riffs. Venomous and pretty unique in their genre how they do it. They manage to create structured tracks with choruses that stick well. For people who are pretty new to the scene I could also name bands like Hatebreed, Sworn Enemy and Lionheart“.

The biggest metal podcast in the Netherlands receives many requests to play ‘LIES!’ The new track ‘Mind Pollution’ is well-received by the editorial team. LIES!’s hardcore is brutal with a strong metal edge. The podcast is also aware that the band is a powerhouse live, tearing up the stage like beasts. The full interview in Dutch can be found here (starting from minute 36).

“For those who want to listen to anger and energy in their purest form, they quickly think of TERROR. For those who want to listen to pounding or apocalyptic thrash riffs with hardcore as in 90s metalcore, they quickly think of ALL OUT WAR or MERAUDER. LIES! from the Netherlands combines both forms and puts it in its own style. A very robust style and truly extremely hard-hitting. It sometimes reminds one of SIMULAKRA. “Mind Pollution” is overwhelming, all packaged in a very compactly written full-length album recorded at 3181 Studio”.

“This band is incredibly heavy, heavier than Terror by channeling the dark and muscular sound of Enforced, Fuming Mouth, Judiciary and All Out War.” [..] Many hardcore bands write songs that jump from one part to another, going from  two-step to beatdown, where it seems to revolve around just that one break or beatdown. Call me old and grumpy but old school aggressiveness can be refreshing. LIES! writes songs that are short, simply hard-hitting and catchy, allowing you to go old-school moshing and let loose.”

“Welcome their return with this (Rebirth EP) incredible comeback. If there’s one band in the Dutch scene poised to carry on the legacy of Born From Pain, Backfire!, Hawser and No Turning Back it is LIES! If you’ve ever seen them live you know that they can completely tear up the floor. Moshing guaranteed. Think a very heavy version of Terror or Hatebreed meets Merauder, Simulakra, Get The Shot and All Out War. An explosion of intimidating strength. I’m eagerly anticipating their upcoming album!”

LIES! is:

  • Rene (vocals)
  • Jeroen (bass, backing vocals)
  • Marcel (drums)
  • Frank (guitars)
  • Sander (guitars, backing vocals)