LIES! - Hunting Season HC


Brand new track called “Hunting Season“. Available on all streaming platforms.


Line-up: Agnostic Front, Eyehategod LIES! and Swim Or Drown

Releaseparty II “Rebirth” EP /w Massive Assault, Witness The Fall. Start 20:00. More info at and

Releaseparty I “Rebirth” EP. 3 Day festival with At The Gates, Grave, Risk It, Backfire!, Toy Dolls and 35 more. More at

LIES! is back after 7 years of abscence with a brand new EP “Rebirth”, new music video’s and a bunch of shows. More info at and

LIES! is back after 7 years of abscence with a brand new EP “Rebirth”, new music video’s and a bunch of shows. Check the archives for previouws LIES! shows. More info at and

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LIES! @ Neushoorn 2022

The resurrection of LIES!

REBIRTH – We’re pumped to present you the LIES! comeback record, the resurrection called “Rebirth”. A Digital EP and CD-digipack release with 5 heavy hardcore tracks followed with another two new singles in the end of 2022. LIES! is back. 

Tracklist EP “REBIRTH”

  • War Of The Unsung
  • Wage Of Mayhem
  • Provoke Me
  • When Push Comes To Shove*
  • Written In Blood*

All songs are written by LIES!, recorded, mix and mastered at 3181 Studio done by Sander (LIES!). Cover artwork by Johan Prenger. Layout by Rene (LIES!) & Douwe Oppewal.

* Re-recorded LIES! classics taken from the “Nineties” album, in 2022 re-recorded guitars, bass, gang vocals, main vocals and a new mix.


Oct 28th 2022 – Single release
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May 14th 2022 – CD Digipack
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2015 split-CD Lies!, Deconsecrate and Hands Upon Salvation released by Diorama Recs Indonesia.

2012 debut 12″ white vinyl release by To The Lions Records.
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2011 demo release (tape / cd) by Street survival Records – sold out.
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Autumn – After a couple of comeback shows we’re full on track for more. We’re booked for a Eurosonic showcase ‘Wolfsonic’, some festivals and working on some shows in Germany, France, Poland, Belgium and possibly the UK.

On October 28th we’ve released a brand new track and we’re pretty sure throw in another song before the end of the year.

Summer – 25th of June will be the 2nd releaseparty in our ‘hometown’ Groningen. We haven’t played there since 2012 so it’s kinda special. Sunday July 3rd we’re playing with Agnostic Front, Eyehategod and Swim or Drown in Iduna Drachten. In August we’re doing a show in the south organised by Bluff Heerlen. In the meantime we try to organise a few (long) weekenders in October in Belgium and Germany. Get in touch. We know it’s difficult to plan with all the risks of another pandemic revival. All tours that have been rescheduled will also be made up, but think of us if a band drops out.

6 May and 14 May. Releasedate of our 5-track CD / EP “Rebirth”. First we release the digital EP on the 6th and one week later we drop the Digipack CD / EP.  The releaseshow will be on Pitfest (/w At The Gates, Backfire!, Risk It etc).

Wednesday 6th of April we released the 3rd new track called “Provoke Me” on Spotify, Itunes, Youtube, Bandcamp and all other streaming platforms. Add it to your (public) playlists or request the song in your favourite podcast or radiostation. Share it in your stories and tag us with @lies.hardcore or use #lieshardcore

Friday 25th of February we released another new track called “Wage of Mayhem” on Spotify, Itunes, Youtube, Bandcamp and all other streaming platforms. It gained over 20,000 plays (!! in the first three weeks.

Our brand new track “War Of the Unsung” was digital released on January 28th. Listen it on Spotify, Itunes, Youtube, Bandcamp and all other streaming platforms. The music video for the song was premiered on Hardcore Worldwide and reached over 5.000 views in the first two weeks.

By popular demand also added our very first demo from 2010 to all streaming platforms.Check Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and other streaming services.

Influential USA hardcore magazine NO ECHO listed our new track “War Of The Unsung” in their current playlist.

The music video is a great success. Within a few weeks it had over 25000 views and became video clip of the week on Never Mind The Hype and was listed in various influential playlists like Genet Records Weekly, New Hardcore 2022 and more.


LIES! is a hardcore / metal band from The Netherlands. They combine elements of hardcore, death and thrash metal. The extreme vocals and pounding riffs create a terrifying aggressive hardcore sound. Lyrically it is about gripping personal events and socio-political subjects. For fans of 90s metalcore bands like All Out War, Kickback, Merauder and currently active bands like Terror, God’s Hate, Inclination, Born From Pain, Lifesick, Year of the Knife and Judiciary. The Dutch metallic hardcore band emerged out of the Groningen scene in 2011. Founded by the (ex)members of hardcore bands Instil, The Hunger, Not in This Lifetime and metal bands Expulsion, Mon’strum and Murder Manifest. 

In 2011 they released a demo (Street Survival Recs) and in 2012 a 12″ vinyl album called “Nineties” (TTL Recs). This debut record gained nothing but positive critics. Their energetic heavy live shows quickly drew attention of the hardcore and metal community and promoters. LIES! played hardcore shows and festivals in several countries in Europe including shows with Hatebreed, Nasty and Sick Of It All. In 2015 Indonesian label Diorama Records released a 3-way split-CD with LIES!, Belgium H8000 hardcore band Deconsecrate and Indonesian metalcore band Hands Upon Salvation. in 2015, they put the group on indefinite hiatus and reunited as a five-piece in 2019 till Covid put a spanner in the works. From 2022 LIES! is back in business as a 5-piece band with new tracks and live-shows. The new singles and music videos gained over 100.000 views/plays in a matter of a few weeks. In May 2022 LIES! dropped a new EP called “Rebirth” with 3 new tracks and 2 re-recorded LIES! classics which gained good response and massive streams so far!


For questions, interviews, reviews and bookings use the form below or send a DM through Instagram.


We are often asked how someone can really help us as an underground band. It used to help by distributing flyers, drop our band name in groups, buy merch and go to shows. There are hardly any radio stations that play heavy music. Facebook and Instagram have made it difficult for bands to be discovered without advertising. There is a very simple way to support us. Go to our LIES! Spotify Artist page and hit the follow button. It triggers Spotify to share our music with like-minded people like you and us around the world. Thanks!